2022 01 IHTSB January 30 Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington…

2022 01 IHTSB January 30 Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington...
IHTSB Jan 30, 2022 Big Bands
Today’s show showcases big bands from the 1930s and 1940s, with orchestras from the US and the UK. We hear US bands from the Swing Era, like Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw. Featured too are orchestras led by Count Basie and Duke Ellington that started out in the early days and continued producing marvellous jazz for decades. And we will also hear some excellent bands from the 1940s like those of Billy Butterfield and Woody Herman. Our British counterparts bring us recordings mostly in the dance band style that was so popular there in the 1930s, including those of Ambrose, Jack Hylton and Geraldo. All our performers today were excellent orchestras with immensely talented musicians, and together with some lovely vocalists they were a major influence on jazz and popular music both in their time and over future decades.

Artist | Year | Song | Time
1. Artie Shaw 1936 There’s Frost On The Moon 3:01
2. Ambrose And His Orchestra 1936 Lullaby Of Broadway 3:01
3. Benny Goodman 1936 Gee, But You’re Swell 2:46
4. Dorsey Brothers Orchestra 1934 Milenberg Joys 3:15
5. Count Basie 1937 Georgianna 2:35
6. Georgie Auld 1945 Just You, Just Me 2:50
7. Geraldo and his orchestra 1937 A Foggy Day 3:01
8. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1946 St. Louis blues 3:01
9. Glenn Miller 1941 A String Of Pearls 3:12
10. Harry James Orchestra 1947 Love Your Spell Is Everywhere 3:03
11. Jack Hylton 1938 Music, Maestro Please 3:08
12. Woody Herman 1954 I’ll Never Be The Same 2:48
13. Billy Butterfield 1947 On A Sunday Afternoon 4:15
14. Benny Carter 1945 Prelude To A Kiss 3:16