Episode 042 – Questions?

In Transition with Randy McElligott
In Transition with Randy McElligott
Episode 042 - Questions?

Benny Carter Elegy In Blue Did You Call Her Today? 06.24
Sonny Criss The Hampton Hawes Sessions What’s New? 06.43
Chris Smalls What Is This Thing Called Love? 04.55
Rebecca Parris Love Comes and Goes Where Did The Summer Go? 03.47
Joe Henderson The Milestone Years What Can I Say? 05.04

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  1. Greg Bannoff

    Hi there Randy. I’ve been listening to, and digging, your show since it’s been on the air. As a jazz player, it’s nice to always hear new (and old) artists and tracks. Thanks for all the great tunes and insights. Keep cool, Greg Bannoff

    1. rmcellig

      Thanks so much Greg for being a longtime listener and appreciating this great music I get to play every week. Take care!!


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