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Join Randy McElligott. every Sunday from noon-2pm EST. Randy features jazz from the early days through the big band period, Bebop as well as the latest music. On occasion Randy will feature other form of music for good measure.

April 04 2021
In Transition
Artist Album Song Time
01 Avery Sharpe Thoughts Of My Ancestors Uncle From Ghana 04.10
02 Richie Cole Back On Top Uncle Freddy 04.24
03 Sebastian Whittaker and The Creators One For Bu!! Uncle Soonie 06.16
04 Jim Hall Dialogues Uncle Ed 05.07
05 Randy Weston Mosaic Select Uncle Nemo 05.02
06 Earl Hines and Jonah Jones Back On The Street Back On The Street 04.57
07 Sprit Of Life Ensemble Collage Street Song 04.30
08 Miles Davis You’re Under Arrest One Phone Call – Street Scenes 04.33
09 Oscar Peterson Very Tall On Green Dolphin Street 07.30
10 Ted Curson Tears For Dolphy East 6th Street 05.37
11 Johnny Lytle The Village Caller On Green Dolphin Street 06.10
12 Johnny Lytle The Village Caller Unhappy Happy Soul 07.16
13 Johnny Lytle The Village Caller Pedro Stodder 05.02
14 Johnny Lytle The Village Caller The Village Caller 04.29
15 Johnny Lytle The Village Caller You Don’t Know What Love Is 04.03
16 Karen Blixt Spin This- 2006 You Don’t Know Me 05.53
17 Karen Blixt Spin This- 2006 Kitchen Blue 04.04
18 Karen Blixt Spin This- 2006 When You’re Smiling 06.59
19 Karen Blixt Spin This- 2006 Four 04.57
20 Karen Blixt Spin This- 2006 Spin This 04.37

Host Stephanie Robinson can be heard every Sunday from 11am-noon EST. Stephanie features popular music from the 1920s to 1960. Ellington, Garland, Armstrong plus many other great artists are presented in this highly entertaining show.

April 04 2021
I’ve Heard That Song Before (IHTSB)
Artist Album Song Time
1. Vic Damone 1946 It’s Dreamtime 3:00
2. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong 1950 Dream A little Dream Of Me 3:03
3. Jimmie Lunceford 1941 You’re Always In My Dreams 2:46
4. Buddy Clark 1947 Girl of My Dreams 3:12
5. Doris Day 1945 I Dream Of You 2:48
6. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra 1940 A Million Dreams Ago 3:06
7. Jonah Jones 1958 A Kiss To Build A Dream On 2:03
8. Peggy Lee & The Dave Barbour Quartet 1949 As Long As I’m Dreaming 2:10
9. Bing Crosby 1938 I’ve Got A Pocketful Of Dreams 2:43
10. Bobby Hackett And His Orchestra 1939 That’s How Dreams Should End 2:42
11. Teddy Wilson 1937 You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming 2:57
12. Chet Baker 1953 This Time The Dream’s On Me 2:45
13. Imperial Dance Orchestra 1932 Dream Sweetheart 2:39
14. Bob Crosby orchestra 1935 I Found a Dream 2:56
15. Billie Holiday 1937 Please Keep Me in Your Dreams 2:17
16. Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra 1942 Street of Dreams 2:43

In Transition – Interviews – Podcasts

Contained on this page are every known episode of the jazz radio show In Transition hosted by Randy McElligott from 1988 to the present. Aside from jazz, Mr. McElligott will, on occasion feature other forms of music. There are many musical gems in these archives to to listen to and explore. Playlists for every year (when available) are also included by selecting a year.

Also included are recent podcasts. Just select the podcast tab and enjoy!

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Interviews over the years with host Randy McElligott


Current podcast editions of In Transition with host Randy McElligott

I’ve Heard That Song Before (IHTSB)

Stephanie Robinson has been hosting her show, I’ve Heard That Song Before (IHTSB) for more than 16 years. Featured artists include the best from the 1920’s to the early 1960’s including some lesser known musicians.

Please note that this section is constantly being updated.

The Bennett Archives

The Bennett Archives contain some of the early pioneers of early jazz, dixieland and revival jazz. Gordon Bennett hosted At The Jazz Band Ball from 1988 until his death in 2004. There are some real gems for you to listen to. Snippets are constantly being added.

Contact me with any comments or requests. I look forward to hearing from you.