2014-05-In-Transition-May-04 Sammy Price, Kathleen Gorman, Django Reinhardt…

May 04 2014

Pianist Ran Blake and sax player Houston Person recorded a classic entitled Suffield Gothic. Both of them stretched out with insight, empathy and the pure joy of creating beautiful music. Canadian band Free Trade is also featured as well as vocalist supreme, Sarah Vaughan, guitarist Al Casey, violinist John Blake and a few other noteworthy practitioneers of this beautiful art form we call jazz.

01 Sammy Price and Doc Cheatham Black Beauty Travelin’ All Alone 04:23
02 Kathleen Gorman Brand New Day No More Room 04:28
03 Sarah Vaughan The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Detour Ahead 05:57
04 Django Reinhardt Chronological Classics 1937 volume 2 Mabel 04:12
05 Ran Blake and Houston Person Suffield Gothic Indian Winter 05:57
06 Free Trade Free Trade Orion’s Belt 10.32
07 Christine Jensen Treelines Arbutus 06:51
08 Al Casey and Jay McShann Best Of Friends One Sweet Blues 05.07
09 George Barnes Blues Going Up When Sunny Gets Blue 04:16
10 Rob McConnell Rob McConnell Backbeat 07:02
11 Arnett Cobb Smooth Sailing Blues Around Dusk 08:20
12 Count Basie Afrique Afrique 05:08
13 Buddy Collette Flute Talk Magali 05:56
14 Lenny Breau and Dave Young Live At Bourbon Street Beautiful Love 08:14
15 Philippe Brun & his Swing Band with Django Reinhardt Chronological Classics 1938 Bouncing Around 03:17
16 John Blake Twinkling Of An Eye Dat Dere 05:30
17 Kenny Burrell Handcrafted I’m Glad There Is You 08:11
18 Harkness-Herriott Duo Flights Volume 1 Spring Break 04:08

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