2014-07-In-Transition-July-13 Miles Davis, Fred Stone, Lina Allemano

 01 Miles DavisQuiet Nights Wait T'll You See Her04:09
 02 Fred StoneThe Music of Fred Stone Tamara05:31
 03 Miles DavisBlue Moods Easy Living05:06
 04 Miles DavisIn Person Friday Night Bye Bye Blackbird09:49
 05 Lina AllemanoGridjam Baw Baw Be06:00
 06 Lina AlemanoJargon Water04:53
 07 Miles DavisMiles Smiles Circle05:55
 08 Miles DavisWater Babies Capricorn08:26
 09 Fred StoneThe Music Of Fred Stone Theme From Lawrence Of Arabia08:38
 10 Miles DavisThe Musings Of Miles Davis A Night In Tunisia07:23
 11 Miles DavisWe Want Miles Jean-Pierre10:40
 12 Miles DavisAt Last- At the Lighthouse At Last05:31
 13 Fred StoneThe Music Of Fred Stone For Igor07:52
 14 Lina AllemanoConcentric And05:25
 15 Miles DavisIn Person Saturday Night Fran Dance06:09
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