2016-07-In-Transition-July-17 Some of todays featured musicians include pianist Dave Brubeck, drummer Jeff Hamilton, as well as pianist Ross Tompkins.

01 Dave Brubeck Live At Montreux Summer Music 05:17
02 Ross Tompkins Festival Time Summer Wind 04:56
03 Jeff Hamilton Wilford and Trio That Sunday, That Summer 04:13
04 Oscar Peterson Complete Clef Murcury Recordings The Things We Did Last Summer 04:04
05 Bob Curnow’s L.A. Big Band Music Of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays Every Summer Night 07:06
06 Chuck Folds Hitting His Stride Summer Moon 01:52
07 Ana Caram Rio After Dark Summer Days 04:49
08 Bob Brough Like A Spring Day Only Summer Knows 05:20
09 Jens Winther Trio Love Songs Deep Summer Love 08:14
10 Joe Henderson Blue Note Years Summer Night 08:27
11 Buddy DeFranco Complete Verve Recordings Indian Summer 06:47
12 Mike Murley and David Occipinti Duologue vol. 2 Summer Night 08:22
13 Count Basie Complete Roulette Studio Recordings Summer Frost 03:09
14 Johnny Smith Complete Roost Recordings Green Leaves Of Summer 02:52
15 Dizzy Gillespie Verve-Phillips Small Group Sessions Long Long Summer 05:05
16 Colin Hunter Timeless Too That Sunday, That Summer 03:31
17 Buck Clayton’s Big Eight Complete HRS Sessions Sentimental Summer 03:23
18 Andy Simpkins Summer Strut Summer Strut 06:05
19 Hiromi Jazziz June 2003 Summer Rain 06:07
20 Chet Baker Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings Summer Sketch 04:35
21 Henrik Otto Donner & TUMO And It Happened… The First Summer 02:59

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