08 2021 08 In Transition August 08 Mike Murley, Booker Ervin

Today’s episode is a special edition two great tenor sax players. Booker Ervin was a solid texas screamer who could play up a storm like few could. Mike Murley is a more lyrical and pride of the Canadian jazz scene for many years.

In Transition August 08 2021
Artist | Album | Song | Time
01 Booker Ervin The Song Book All The Things You Are 5.26
02 Booker Ervin Exultation! Just In Time 4.59
03 Mike Murley Departure Dig Diz 6.08
04 Mike Murley Conversation Piece I’ve Got You Under My Skin 5.13
05 Booker Ervin The Freedom Book Cry Me Not 4.57
06 Booker Ervin The Blues Book True Blue 5.07
07 Bookerrvin Heavy !!! Aluminum Baby 5.04
08 Mike Murley Departure Departure 7.15
09 Mike Murley Departure A Blues For Restivo 10.07
10 Booker Ervin Setting The Pace Speak Low 15.06
11 Booker Ervin Heavy!!! Bei Mir Bist Du Schon 12.32
12 Mike Murley Conversation Piece Conversation Piece 9.04
13 Mike Murley Conversation Piece Goodbye Gladstone 8.12
14 Mike Murley Conversation Piece Someone To Watch Over Me 10.56

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