2021 11 In Transition November 21 music from Chico Freeman, Ricky Ford, Lenny Breau…

Shadowfax was considered a new age group but there music is much more than that. Several tracks from their early recordings are featured in today’s episode. Pop singer Joe Jackson released an album many years ago that swings like crazy. The last part of the show features several tracks that are guaranteed to get you dancing!

artist | album | song | time
01 chico freeman tangents fifty tenth street 4.53
02 ricky ford future’s gold knowledge 6.16
03 anthony branker blessings arise 6.55
04 james newton luella mr. dolphy 8.05
05 joshua breakstone a jamais b’s way 5.50
06 brandi disterheft second side 6.34
07 zbigniew namysłowski namyslovski mango boogie 4.45
09 lenny breau and dave young live at bourbon street if you could see me now 6.01
10 barney kessel feeling free this guy’s in love with you 5.12
11 shadowfax shadowdance brown rice karmapa chenno 4.20
12 shadowfax shadowfax vajra 4.36
13 shadowfax the dreams of children kindred spirits 4.21
14 shadowfax too far to whisper china blue 4.06
15 shadowfax shadowdance distant voices 3.48
16 shadowfax shadowfax a thousand teardrops 4.21
17 joe jackson jumpin’ jive jumpin’ with symphony sid 2.42
18 joe jackson jumpin’ jive jack you’re dead 2.45
19 joe jackson jumpin’ jive five guys named moe 2.31
20 joe jackson jumpin’ jive you’re my meat 2.40
21 joe jackson jumpin’ jive whats the use of getting sober when youre gonna get drunk again 3.45
22 joe jackson jumpin’ jive tuxedo juncton 5.15
23 joe jackson jumpin’ jive how long must i wait for you 4.03
24 joe jackson jumpin’ jive we the cats shall help ya 3.16

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