2021 11 In Transition October 31 Cathy Segal-Garcia, Paul Bley, Pat Metheny…

On today’s episode I wanted to feature two flutists. One known ( Moe Koffman) and one not so we’ll known (Nika Rejto). Both are accomplished and entertaining in their delivery. Enjoy.

01 cathy segal-garcia alone together misty 6.27
02 colin hunter timeless too misty 5.33
03 dexter gordon original jazz masters series vol. 1 misty 9.13
04 earl hines plays the hits he missed misty 3.46
05 howard mcghee classic savoy be-bop sessions 1945-49 short life 1.56
06 The Dukes Of Dixieland Salute To Jelly Roll Morton New Orleans Joy 3.11
07 paul pley turning point mr. joy 3.50
08 l.a. jazz choir from all sides love is a joy 3.44
09 marcel tusch trio f-moll little joy 6.21
10 mark masters ensemble the clifford brown project joy spring 4.51
11 rene marie sound of red joy of jazz 4.11
12 gene lees yesterday i heard the rain dreamer 4.57
13 brand x xcommunication healing dream 3.53
14 maria winther dreamsville dreamville 5.47
15 moe koffman oop pop a da elie’s dream 4.54
16 norma winstone well kept secret i dream too much 4.08
17 pat metheny parallel realities live indigo dreamscapes 7.03
18 nika rejto liquid love summertime 5.09
19 nika rejto liquid love a child is born 4.47
20 nika rejto liquid love take the a train 5.08
21 moe koffman music for the night hosanna 3.29
22 moe koffman music for the night the music of the night 5.32
23 moe koffman music for the night everything alright 3.21