2022-10-In-Transition-October-23 Gary Peacock, Lloyd Gregory, Ron Davis…

One of the most interesting bassists in jazz, Gary Peacock kicks things off on this jazz rich edition of In Transition, Guitarist’s Hank Marvin and Lloyd Gregory, as well as Canadian pianist Ron Davis are also featured.

01Gary Peacock December Poem A Northern Tale 06.13
02Gary Peacock December Poem Winterlude 06.02
03Ted Curson Flip Top Straight Ice 05.00
04Harkness Herriott Duo Flights Volume 1 Spring Break 04.07
05Ricardo Grilli 1962 Lunatico 05.59
06Ron Davis Trio Mungle Music Down By 3 04.24
07Ron Davis Trio Mungle Music Summon Someone 03.12
08Gregory Lloyd Free Fallin’ Maya 03.13
09Gregory Lloyd Free Fallin’ The New Song 03.35
10Pierre Labbe Manivelle Le Mur 03.25
11Pierre Labbe Manivelle Fes 04.48
12Kevin Kern Endless Blue Sky Light Spirit 04.23
13Breakwater In The Bush Yellow Weather 04.28
14Tom Boras Three Houses Talk About The Weather 03.32
15Greg Chako Integration II Fine Aussie Weathered 06.27
16Chris Cortez Hold It Right There Stormy Weather 05.25
17Jeff Benedict Castle Creek Shuffle The Weather Is Here- Wish You Were Beautiful 07.43
18Hank Marvin Django’s Castle Swing 42 03.28
19Hank Marvin Django’s Castle Swingtime In Springtime 03.32
20Hank Marvin Django’s Castle Noto Swing 03.53
21Hank Marvin Django’s Castle After You’ve gone 03.31
22Zoot Simms Only A Rose What’s New 06.40
23Zoot Simms Only A Rose Over The Rainbow 05.06

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