2022 07 IHTSB July 03 Two versions of each song are featured on todays episode.

July 03 2022
IHTSB July 03, 2022
This morning we’re going to celebrate the work of the great songwriters and the very talented singers and musicians from the first part of the twentieth century. We’ll be listening to some lovely recordings of some very nice songs, which is what we do every Sunday morning, and today we’ll hear those songs again, not once, but twice. We have six songs in our line up, and two recordings of each by different artists. It isn’t really a competition to see which ones are better. To be honest, I can’t choose between them, and each one is terrific in its own right. But it does give us a taste of the wonderful art of the great songwriters, and how many different ways there were to perform and sing them. And of course, how very talented the performers were.

1. Buddy Clark 1947 More Than You Know 3:15
2. Billy Butterfield 1947 More Than You Know 3:55
3. Sidney Bechet 1949 After You’ve Gone 2:31
4. Kay Starr 1946 After You’ve Gone 2:45
5. Artie Shaw and His Orchestra 1940 Stardust 3:32
6. Nat King Cole 1957 Stardust 3:13
7. Bobby Hackett 1954 All Through the Night 3:51
8. Ella Fitzgerald 1956 All Through The Night 3:17
9. George Olsen and His Music 1927 Blue Skies 3:19
10. Mel Powell & His Orchestra 1943 Blue Skies 2:54
11. Lena Horne 1943 Somebody Loves Me 3:13
12. George Wettling 1944 Somebody Loves Me 3:48
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