2022 07 IHTSB July 31 Mel Torme, Bing Crosby, Chet Baker…

July 31 2022
IHTSB July 31, 2022
Next Friday will be Canada Day and this morning, to mark this special day, we’ll hear from some wonderful Canadian artists and songwriters. We’ll be celebrating the music and art of one of the most admired Canadians in the world of music, Robert Farnon. He is particularly well known to us as a highly respected composer of orchestral and film music as well as a musician, conductor and arranger in the popular music field. And we’ll also make a visit to Montreal in the late 1950s, early 1960s to listen to some fine singers and jazz musicians who were broadcasting for the CBC back then. Happy Canada Day!

1. Capt. Bob Farnon’s Canadian String & Swing Group 1946 That Feeling In The Moonlight 2:23
2. Capt. Bob Farnon And The Canadian Band Of The AEF 1945 I’m Confessin’ 2:33
3. Capt. Bob Farnon And His Canadian Band Of The AEF 1945 Candy 2:50
4. Capt. Bob Farnon And The Canadian Band Of The AEF 1945 I’m Beginning To See The Light 2:49
5. Estelle Caron 1960 Charade 3:13
6. Johnny Lasalle 1957 I’ll Take Romance 2:16
7. Yolanda Lisi 1960 Quand Je Monte Chez Toi 3:08
8. Beryl Davis 1947 Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It 2:34
9. Robert Farnon & His Orchestra 1948 Every Time I Meet You 3:12
10. Vera Lynn 1950 My Thanks To You 3:06
11. Robert Farnon And His Orchestra 1958 When I Grow Too Old to Dream 2:57
12. Frank Sinatra 1962 I’ll Follow My Secret Heart 3:16
13. Robert Farnon 1962 A Garden in the Rain 3:24
14. Robert Farnon 1947 Ottawa Heights 3:10
15. Robert Farnon 1949 Journey into Melody 2:42
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