2023-01-IHTSB-January 08 Bing Crosby, Joe Loss, Henry Hall…

On today’s show we go back to the 1920s and 1930s for our recordings. These were the days, on both sides of the Atlantic, of the early jazz orchestras and dance bands along with their singers, and the development of smaller groups of jazz musicians. Among others, we hear Bing Crosby and Buddy Clark setting out on their careers. Dance orchestras from the UK bring us their distinctive style in renditions of popular standards, and from the US, listen to Louis Armstrong playing with one of the earliest US jazz orchestras led by Fletcher Henderson. There was no shortage of talent in the early days and they join us with their wonderful versions of these lovely songs. Enjoy some musical history!

  1. Ben Selvin 1930 Let Me Sing and I’m Happy 3:28
  2. Fletcher Henderson 1924 Sugar Foot Stomp 2:21
  3. Joe Loss 1936 Everybody Dance 2:29
  4. Jean Goldkette 1927 I’m Going to Meet My Sweetie Now 2:50
  5. Bing Crosby 1929 If I Had You 3:10
  6. Charlie Kunz 1936 I’m In A Dancing Mood 2:53
  7. Henry Hall 1935 There’s A Small Hotel 3:18
  8. Charleston Chasers 1927 After You’ve Gone 2:42
  9. Jack Hylton 1930 Happy Feet 2:59
  10. Buddy Clark 1937 You’ll Never go To Heaven 2:27
  11. Dorsey Brothers 1934 Milenberg Joys 3:14
  12. Jack Payne 1935 Sunshine Ahead 2:55
  13. Ambrose & His Orchestra 1930 Happy Days Are Here Again 3:06
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