2023-03-IHTSB-March-19 Jonah Jones, Lester Young, Joe Bushkin…

I've Heard That Song Before (IHTSB) with Stephanie Robinson
I've Heard That Song Before (IHTSB) with Stephanie Robinson
2023-03-IHTSB-March-19 Jonah Jones, Lester Young, Joe Bushkin...

IHTSB Mar 19, 2023

Today we listen to recordings from the 1930s and 1940s, made by small jazz groups in the studios of several independent jazz labels in New York. These labels, among them the Commodore, Keynote and Blue Note labels, were home to many of the fine musicians around at the time. This treasury comprises recordings, numbering in the thousands, that were all performed by these excellent small jazz groups they remain a wonderful example of their art that we continue to enjoy years later — as we often do on IHTSB. Today’s show is another episode celebrating their work in these sessions. We’ll hear some familiar names and some favourite songs, all combining to produce a wonderful listening experience!


Artist Year Song Time

  1. Bud Freeman And His Gang 1938 Life Spears A Jitterbug 2:51
  2. Jonah Jones And His Orchestra 1945 Trumpet Interlude 3:20
  3. Lester Young 1943 I Never Knew 3:08
  4. Joe Thomas And His Orchestra 1946 Pocatello 2:44
  5. Eddie Condon & His Band 1942 Lonesome Tag Blues 4:04
  6. Joe Bushkin Sextet 1944 Pickin’ At The Pic 2:44
  7. Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtimers 1944 Sobbin’ Blues 2:59
  8. Red Norvo And His Orchestra 1945 One, Two Three Jump 4:17
  9. The Kansas City Six 1938 Them There Eyes 2:58
  10. Wild Bill Davison& His Commodores 1945 On The Alamo 2:48
  11. Edmond Hall Quartet 1944 It’s Only A Shanty In Old Shanty Town 2:43
  12. Mel Powell & His Orchestra 1943 When Did You Leave Heaven 2:59
  13. Sidney Bechet 1939 Summertime 4:12
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