2023-05-IHTSB-May-14 Some of the featured artists on today’s episode include vocalists Helen Forest, Buddy Clark, as well as the great Ella Fitzgerald.

IHTSB May 14, 2023

On today’s show we’ll be listening to six songs, not once but twice or three times. We’ll hear different artists, both singers and musicians, bring us their interpretations of these wonderful songs from the pens of the day. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy the varied approaches the artists took to interpreting the songs, to appreciate the range of their talents and, of course, to listen to these lovely songs again, and again! Enjoy some fabulous music!

Artist Year Song Time

  1. Billy Butterfield Orchestra 1947 All The Things You Are 2:45
  2. Artie Shaw And His New Music 1939 All The Things You Are 3:16
  3. Buddy Clark 1946 All the Things You Are 3:26
  4. Ella Fitzgerald 1959 I’ve Got A Crush On You 3:31
  5. Frank Sinatra 1947 I’ve Got a Crush on You 3:18
  6. Helen Forrest 1942 Skylark 3:26
  7. Mel Tormé 1950 Skylark 3:08
  8. Edmond Hall Sextet 1943 The Man I Love 3:15
  9. Lena Horne 1941 The Man I Love 3:21
  10. George Olsen and His Music 1927 Blue Skies 3:19
  11. Mel Powell & His Orchestra 1943 Blue Skies 2:54
  12. Bud Freeman 1945 You Took Advantage Of Me 2:53
  13. June Christy 1956 You Took Advantage Of Me 2:29
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