2023-06-IHTSB-June-25 Some of the featured artists on today’s episode include the great Nat King Cole Trio, the one and only Billie Holiday as well as vocalist Vic Damone.

IHTSB Jun 25, 2023

Our show today features recordings from the 1940s and 1950s from some of the loveliest voices around at this time. Some of the singers we’ll hear today began their careers in the 1930s, and some in the 1940s, and all went on to make many wonderful renditions of the work of the great songwriters of the day. We’ll hear superb examples of their art, bringing us their interpretative skills, their rich warm voices, all combining in a delightful musical experience. Enjoy these lovely singers!!

Artist Year Song Time

  1. Nat King Cole Trio 1950 ‘Deed I Do 2:16
  2. Billie Holiday 1947 There Is No Greater Love 2:59
  3. Vic Damone 1956 All The Things You Are 3:29
  4. Helen Forrest 1941 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 3:21
  5. Bing Crosby 1946 Among My Souvenirs 3:10
  6. Ella Fitzgerald 1959 I Was Doing All Right 3:29
  7. Mel Tormé 1951 Heart And Soul 2:56
  8. Doris Day 1957 Under a Blanket of Blue 3:04
  9. Frank Sinatra 1948 Why Can’t You Behave 3:21
  10. Lena Horne 1958 Just In Time 2:57
  11. Buddy Clark 1947 Peg O’ My Heart 3:21
  12. Teddy Wilson & Helen Ward 1940 But Not For Me 3:21
  13. Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra 1954 Till We Meet Again 4:37
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