2023-07-IHTSB-July-30 Some of today’s featured musicians include vocalists Jimmy Rushing and Bille Holiday as well as bandleader Benny Goodman.

IHTSB Jul 30, 2023

On today’s show we listen to some early jazz and popular music. In recordings from the 1920s and 1930s we feature singers, small groups and big bands as they were starting out on what would prove for most of them to be long careers performing in the music field. We hear from familiar names like Benny Goodman, the Dorsey Brothers, Bille Holiday and Lena Horne. Listen to to a delightful piano medley from Charlie Kunz, and to Allan Jones with the classic “Make Believe” from Jerome Kern’s legendary musical “Showboat”. The sounds are as rich as they are varied — enjoy them in this tour of music from the early days!


Artist Year Song Time

  1. Benny Goodman 1935 I’m Livin’ In A Great Big Way 2:32
  2. Bob Causer And His Cornelians 1932 You’ll Get By 2:51
  3. Chick Bullock 1933 Going! Going!! Gone!!! 3:03
  4. Jimmy Rushing 1930 Somebody Stole My Gal 2:57
  5. Isham Jones orchestra 1934 The Blue Room 3:19
  6. Billie Holiday 1935 What A Little Moonlight Can Do 3:02
  7. Casa Loma Orchestra 1930 Casa Loma Stomp 2:43
  8. Chick Webb 1934 Stomping At The Savoy 3:10
  9. Charleston Chasers 1927 Wabash Blues 2:49
  10. The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra 1928 She’s Funny That Way 3:07
  11. Paul Whiteman 1933 It’s Only A Paper Moon 3:22
  12. Charlie Kunz 1935 Piano medley 2:49
  13. Allan Jones 1936 Make Believe 3:22
  14. Lena Horne with Noble Sissle 1936 That’s What Love Did To Me 3:07
  15. Bob Crosby orchestra 1935 The Dixieland Band 3:07
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