2023-09-In-Transition-September-17 Some of the featured musicians include guitarist John Scofield, vocalist Johnny Hartman as well as trumpet player Johnny Coles.

01 john scofield what we do big sky 6.07
02 johnny hartman tokyo albums the nearness of you 6.55
03 johnny coles warm sound where 7.50
04 johnny hodges the complete verve johnny hodges small group sessions big shoe 1956-1961 5.37
05 john stein hustle up! elizabeth 5.51
06 john scott easy living i got it bad and that ain’t good 4.34
07 john pizzarelli dear mr. cole it’s only a paper moon 2.35
08 john patton mosaic select i’ll never be free 5.03
09 john ballantyne skydance opus iv 5.48
10 johnny smith the complete roost johnny smith small group sessions pavane 1.34
11 john burr in my own words its a girl 3.14
12 john burgess the urge to burge nine lives 6.05
13 john labelle dont say no its so lovely being here with you 4.21
14 john mclaughlin music spoken here david 7.50
15 john hicks music in the key of clark sonnys mood 3.51
16 john allred in the beginning sweet clifford 4.16
17 john clark i will now you start 3.16
18 john coltrane the mastery of john coltrane feelin’ good 6.20
19 john greiner shades satellite 3.09
20 johnny vidacovich banks street glass house 3.50
21 john polito crossing the line home 4.23

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