2024-05-In-Transition-May-19 Some of the featured artists include trumpet great Louis Armstrong, pianist Horace Parlan, as well as sax player Clifford Jordan…

01 louis armstrong the complete louis armstrong one moment worth years 4.19
02 pierre labbe 4tet manivelle pour le moment 2.42
03 lars jansson trio i am that reborn e very moment 5.00
04 marino deeply routed stolen moments 6.42
05 the nick moran trio the messenger perfect moment 7.12

06 maynard ferguson mosaic 156 a soulful moment 4.59
07 sergio salvatore tune up moments in montreal 5.37
08 horace parlan complete horace parlan blue note sessions on the spur of the moment 5.55
09 dave young with cyrus chestnut piano bass duets moment to moment 6.33
10 anita o’day complete anita o’day verve clef sessions from this moment on 3.13

11 wayne shorter black orpheus wayning moments 4.19
12 steve heckman live at yoshi’s this is the moment 8.09
13 clifford jordan the complete strata-east sessions that moment of glance 4.53
14 sam bevan hawkeye moments to years 3.13
15 george sharing complete capitol live recordings lonely moments 3.49
16 rex stewart mosaic 251 blue moments 2.50

17 john coltrane blue train moment’s notice 9.10
18 kevin dean moments musicaux moments musicaux 9.03
19 jukka eskola soul trio jukka eskola soul trio martha’s new moment 4.59
20 john altenburgh generations seize the moment 3.32

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