2020-08-In-Transition-August-16 Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins + more

Artist Album Song Time
01 Hugh Fraser and VEJI V Thank You Very Much 06.56
02 Renee Lee Renee Lee One Love 04.08
03 Booker Ervin The Blues Book One For Mort 06.28
04 Dee Daniels and the Metropole Orchestra Wish Me Love Come Rain Or Come Shine 03.49
05 Gregg August One Peace Contradiction 02.36
06 Gregg August Late August Eulogy 03.01
07 Miles Donahue Quintet In The Pocket In The Pocket 03.59
08 Miles Donahue Standards Vol4 Out Of Nowhere 04.11
09 Hugh Fraser In The Mean Time Fairy Tales 07.18
10 Mars Lasar Escape Astronomer 05.14
11 Mars Lasar Olympus Champions 04.17
12 Aida Miriam Meu Brasil Estrada Do Sol 02.27
13 Dexter Gordon Landslide Love Locked In 04.46
14 Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus You Don’t Know What Love Is 06.28
15 Dexter Gordon Manhattan Symphonie Tanya 07.26
16 Sonny Rollins Tenor Madness The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 05.33
17 Jamie Davis It’s A Good Thing I’ve Got The World On A String 03.27
18 Dexter Gordon Gotham City A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square 07.16
19 Sonny Rollins There Will Never Be Another You To A Wild Rose 06.01
20 Jeff Hamilton Catch Me If You Can Make Me Rainbows 04.17
21 Jeff Hamilton Catch Me If You Can Helen’s Song 04.35
22 Miles Davis Dingo Trumpet Cleaning 04.01

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