2021 09 In Transition September 05 Ronnie Mathews, Gerry Mulligan, James Williams…

In Transition with Randy McElligott
In Transition with Randy McElligott
2021 09 In Transition September 05 Ronnie Mathews, Gerry Mulligan, James Williams...

Starting off today’s episode is African piano legend Randy Weston. A unique way of presenting his music has always been his hallmark. It also made him an influence on many other pianists. Also featured on the show is one of the greatest big band leaders ever, the great Count Basie. The recording I selected is from a recording he made for the great Roulette label. Although not in the same influence and importance as Blue Note or Decca to name a couple, Roulette did have a roster of greats such as Sarah Vaughan and Montreal trumpet great Maynard Ferguson as examples.

In Transition Sep 5 2021
Artist | Album | Song | Time

01 Randy Weston Mosaic Select Fourth Movement Kucheza 8.03
02 Roland Hanna Complete Behive Sessions Four The Hard Way 8.59
03 Pacific Salt Jazz Canadiana Four Leaf Clover Man 5.26
04 Ronnie Mathews Complete Behive Sessions Four For Nothing 4.48
05 Paul Chambers Mosaic Select Four Strings 5.28
06 Louis Armstrong Columbia and RCA Live Recorsings Six Foot Four 2.37
07 Count Basie Complete Roulette Live Recordings Four, Five Six 6.26
08 Gerry Mulligan Mosaic Select 21 Four and One Moore 4.25
09 Bobby Enriquez Wild Piano Four In One 5.34
10 Jimmy Giuffre Complete Capitol and Atlantic Recordings Four Brothers 3.16
11 Gene Ammons Jammin’ In Hi-Fi Four 12.58
12 Frank Foster Shiny Stockings Four Five Six 9.43
13 James Williams Alter Ego Fourplay 5.30
14 John Abercrombie Night Four On One 6.41
15 Mark Kleinhaut A Balance Of Light Four Lane Clover 9.12
16 Stanley Turrentine The Blue Note Quintet-Sextet Studio Sessions Six and Four 11.23

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