2024-01-In-Transition-January-21 Some of the featured musicians include guitarist Bobby Broom, trumpet great Miles Davis, as well as bassist Charlie Biddle.

january 21 2024

01 Miles Davis Quiet Nights Wait T’ll You See Her 04:09
02 Fred Stone The Music of Fred Stone Tamara 05:31
03 Miles Davis Blue Moods Easy Living 05:06
04 Miles Davis In Person Friday Night Bye Bye Blackbird 09:49
05 Ted Nash Rhyme And Reason Spirit Dance 8:49
06 Bobby Broom Song and Dance Can’t Buy Me Love 6:54
07 Charlie Biddle and Oliver Jones Live At Biddles Len Dobbin comments 5:03
08 Charlie Biddle and Oliver Jones Live At Biddles Marie 6:25
09 Ellen Rowe Quintet Courage Music Gentle Spirit 08.17
10 Don Thompson and Walter Martella Three Shades Gentle Piece 06.51
11 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Hyptonic Joints Violet Moon 04.06
12 Anat Cohen Live In Healburg Child’s Song 07.20
13 Brenda Lewis Jazz Like No Moon At All 04.05
14 Carol Dobuc With All That I Am With All That I Am 07.21
15 Lionel Loueke Karibu Karibu 06.49
16 Maxine Willan Touching You La Fiesta 06.21
17 Joel Peloquin Jazziz October 2004 Magnetic Poetry 09.00

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