026 Cakes part 1 – Songs with the word cake in them.

One day I was thinking up a topic for my next podcast. I was wondering how many jazz songs were out there that dealt with cake. In this first of four episodes I will be featuring songs that deal with cake. In the fourth episode I decided to add some ice cream to the cake so to speak so I feature some tracks that deal with ice cream. All in good fun! Enjoy.

Artist Album Song Time
Earl Klugh Soda Fountain Shuffle Baby Cakes 03:37
Sidney Bechet Wild Cat Blues Cake Walking Babies From Home 03:02
Jeremy Steig Something Else Cakes 04:52
Leonard Hochman Manhattan Morning Cheesecake 06:01
John Bunch and Bucky Pizzarelli NY Swing Dot’s Cheesecake 04:37