01 louis armstrong the complete louis armstrong one moment worth years 4.1902 pierre labbe 4tet manivelle pour le moment 2.4203
may 12 2024 01 david fathead newman straight ahead cousin slim 7.0502 david lavoie quartet juno melatonin 7.1603 cuong vu
IHTSB May 12, 2024 Today's show features a mixture of recordings from the mid 1930s to the late 1950s. We
may 05 2024 01 scott hamilton silk stockings apples and oranges 3.5302 the heath brothers projects-in motion 6.4303 the fred
IHTSB May 5, 2024 Today is the first Sunday in May and it’s also the day in the year that
april 28 2024 01 kenny burrell people will say we're in love i'll get by 3.4302 jake langley aquarian sunrise
IHTSB April 28, 2024 Today's show features recordings from the 1930s through to the 1950s. We're joined by singers Nat
IHTSB Apr 21, 2024 We begin today's show with a fine duet by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Also in
07.15 Pepper Adams Pure Pepper Seein' Red04.44 Gerry Mulligan Mosaic Select 21 Stardust06.16 Pepper Adams Julian Spacemaker09.35 Cecil Payne Brookfield
IHTSB April 14, 2024 On Today's show we'll listen to a mixture of recordings from the 1920s through to the
04.10 Avery Sharpe Thoughts Of My Ancestors Uncle From Ghana04.24 Richie Cole Back On Top Uncle Freddie06.16 Sebastian Whittaker and
This morning's show features recordings made from the 1930s to the 1950s, showcasing musicians and singers from the US and
March 31 2024Artist Album Song Time1 Expressens Elitorkester 1952 Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 7 Laura 03:092 Dexter Gordon Sophisticated Giant Laura
IHTSB Mar 31, 2024 On today's show we listen to recordings from the 1940s and 1950s, featuring some of the
IHTSB Mar 24, 2024 On today's show we feature more of the wonderful recordings made in the 1940s and 1950s
01 Roland Kirk The Limelight-Verve Albums Serenade To A Cuckoo 04.3502 Jimmy Knepper Cunningbird Languid 05.3403 The L.A. Four The
IHTSB Mar 17, 2024 Today we listen to a selection of small jazz groups and fine voices in recordings from
IHTSB Mar 10, 2024 One of the most popular themes for songwriters features songs about dreams and dreaming, and each
01 anke helfrich trio i mean you better times ahead02 anke helfrich trio ask me now better times ahead03 benjamin
IHTSB Mar 3, 2024 This morning we listen to a selection of original recordings from 1932 through to 1966. Highlights
11.18 Oscar Peterson Big 6 At The Montreux Jazz FestivalAu Privave05.17 Oscar Peterson Walking The LineOnce Upon A Summertime07.30 Oscar
IHTSB Feb 25, 2024 Some great singers are featured in recordings from the 1930s to the 1960s on today's show,
IHTSB Feb 18, 2024 On today's show we listen to some of the fabulous bands that were around in the
IHTSB Feb 11. 2024 Our show today celebrates some of the small group jazz recordings made in the 1930s to
This morning on IHTSB we are going to pay tribute to one of the major figures in popular music and
IHTSB Jan 28, 2024 Today's show features some lovely female vocalists, among whom we'll hear from Dinah Shore, Helen Humes
january 21 2024 01 Miles Davis Quiet Nights Wait T'll You See Her 04:0902 Fred Stone The Music of Fred
Today we listen to a selection of jazz and popular tunes written by the great songwriters during the first half
January 14 2023 playlist01 lester young lester young collates polka dots and moonbeams 4.1302 dave young tale of the fingers
IHTSB Jan 14, 2024 Today we listen to a selection of singers and big bands in recordings from the 1930s
01 sarah vaughan vaughan and violins please be kind 3.1502 various artists jazz in paris jazz and cinema volume 03
IHTSB Jan 7, 2024 On today's show, the first for 2024, we listen to recordings from the 1920s through to
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